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Project management

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Project management

The project management service provide a single contact for all projects coverage on client scope, in all Brazilian ports.
Thru this services, we offer to our clients all our expertise and structure to project management. Assuming the responsibility among working net, equipments and other companies involved on the project, looking to providing for our clients better performance and profitability.

Besides, we act as auditors of services, evaluating and continuously assuring attendance to scope, time, cost and quality in all their steps. Always in conformity with planning firmed before our costumer.


Coordination of services involved in process and supervision of all activities aiming optimization and profitability of projects.
Establishment a previous planning and methodological application of of management in cases on attending.
Continuos auditing of projects applying an approach of management in scope, time, costs and quality, assuring that all steps in project be done inside their initial premisses.
Creation of a focal point for all coordenation, control and comunications for each project.
Issuance of management reports, giving to our clients a clear view about progress in each project, including all steps, their risks and resources involved.


  • Project plan approved with costumer, including definitions and ways of management and integration of projects related scope, resourches (equipment, acquisitions and workers), costs, deadlines, comunications and eventual risks.
  • Continuous analysis of project status.
  • Fixing bugs looking for performance improvment.


# Sole contact point for all projects, concentrating responsability by coordenation, control and comunications

# Warranty in delivery results in each project in conformity with requeriments in scope, time, costs and quality. Assured application of all methodologies together with consolidated experience of our company in project management with higly complexity.

# Process and tools in management and integration of project as part of service.
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